EpiTek provides online education technology to amplify continuous learning by Bizcommunity

Introducing EpiTeks Edtech Solution

We offer online education technology solutions which allow training providers to digitise their full educational processes while receiving their own unique branded platform.

The solution includes the three main components to digital learning in the form of e-learning, e-assessments, and learner management system functionality all on one platform.

Your training organisation will no longer require multiple third-party solutions to cover an entire learning life cycle as our end-to-end platform caters for all your education needs.

Additionally, we provide digitised QCTO accredited learning material which can be preloaded onto the platform. The combined solution of the platform and QCTO digital preloaded courses assists your training organisation to be compliant in a cost- and time-effective manner.

Who can benefit from your service offering?

We have specifically developed the platform for the QCTO or SETA registered skills development providers who are aiming to transform formal learning into online learning and support.

Since our platform is tailored for the private accredited training industry it is highly applicable for the public education sector.

As our software is agile and industry agnostic, we have created separate versions of our platform which have been developed for internal corporate training and franchise training.

Why is epitek unique to this space?

EpiTek is a South African born EdTech company which has created a platform for the African market. The technology is intuitive and developed to address the African technology and infrastructure challenges.

The aim of our platforms is to service the local accredited training industry in terms of the QCTO online learning guidelines which has been mainly underserviced.

Training providers are able to receive their own branded platform in 60 minutes with no integration needed.

Additionally, we have established effective and significant relationships with key contributors to the accredited training sector which allows us the ability to offer a streamline process in order to ease compliance and scale training and education programmes.

What is the aim/mission of Epitek?

We aim to increase the efficiency and accessibility of online education technology for the African market. This allows us to contribute to the African digitisation agenda to increase critical skills in the workforce and allow for opportunities for the unemployed to increase their employability.
We believe education technology acts as a powerful tool to amplify continuous learning and close the skills gap for the African market.