Explore Our Powerful Features

Kickstart your education journey with these industry leading features.

Live Virtual Classroom

  • Interactive Streaming
  • Live Chat Feature
  • Interactive Whiteboard
  • Class Scheduling and Content Uploads
  • Notepad and Polls
  • Assessments and Invigilator software

Self Paced Learning

  • Content Uploads
  • Video Content
  • Assessments and Invigilator software
  • Progression Through Courses
  • Multiple Choice Testing after each chapter
  • Learn at your own pace

Blended Learning

  • Live classes and self paced learning elements in one course
  • Assesments and Invigilator Software
  • Progression through courses.
  • Allows for live class interaction with self study elements.

Assessment Software

  • Multiple Choice and essay type questions.
  • Automated marking functionality.
  • Includes the ability to comment on students answers and provide meaningful feedback.
  • Formative and Summative assesments can be tested.
  • All marks are stored in a central location for easy access for both the student and teacher.

Invigilator Software

  • Our invigilation software allows for the examiner to ensure test conditions are always adhered to.
  • The ability to monitor students using randomised photos from students webcam.
  • The ability to listen to randomised audio recordings from students microphone.
  • Information regarding the student leaving the test to view other tabs.


  • Full marketplace functionality with built in sorting, filtering and course breakdowns.
  • Integrated payment gateway which is directly linked with your bank account and allows for users to make purchases in seconds using more than 7 different methods.
  • Package discounting, promo code functionality and bursary allocation built in.


  • In depth Revenue analytics.
  • In depth user analytics.
  • User Engagement analytics.
  • Course specific analytics.
  • Trend analysis.

Learner Management and Reporting

  • Manage student Enrolments.
  • Student records generator.
  • Student Assessment Moderation.